Jason Russell

Jason Russell

LPL Financial Advisor

Welcome! I am a LPL Financial Advisor for FB Investment Services.

If you are a senior executive, entrepreneur or independent professional who wants to engineer a comprehensive, long-term financial strategy so that you can live your fullest life today, retire into the lifestyle of your dreams and have the option of passing on a legacy, then chances are I'm the right financial advisor for you.

My father gifted me a philosophy of abundance: live a full life while building opportunities for others. Dad was a respected and successful mental health professional in private practice. His last few years were spent battling a rare disease, and he died by my side at the age of 66. While accomplished, Dad hadn't established a long-term financial strategy to cover his children's education, sustain his desired lifestyle in his healthy years, and give him financial peace of mind while he fought the battle for his life.

Dad's story enlightened my mission: I'm hired by accomplished professionals like you who know WHAT to do but are not sure HOW to do it. With my established process, I will take the time to get to know you, to define what you feel is most important for your and your family's future, and design and execute an efficient plan to make it happen. We will then partner throughout your lifetime to keep the plan on track, adapt to changing circumstances, and prepare your estate.

My focus is positioning you for the expected while preparing you for the unexpected. We will align your prosperity to your purpose.

I bring the same level of personal commitment to small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations to establish or improve your employee retirement plans and/or endowments. I take the time to get to know your organization, ask questions to gain a deep understanding of its priorities and vision, and work with your team to align present assets and income with future goals. I will also educate you and your people along the way with regular workshops and seminars.

My background is comprehensive. For over 30 years, I have built several small businesses in industries and markets including hospitality in Prague; import/export between Europe, Asia, Africa and India; an educational franchise in Italy; and a Florida real estate investing company.

I am the proud father of two daughters. They are the loveliest young women in the world, and they are my inspiration.