Kathryn  Holland

Kathryn Holland

LPL Financial Advisor

Welcome!  I am a LPL Financial Advisor for FB Investment Services. Also, I am a proud mother, divorcee, recreational snowboarder and hockey player and a financial advisor that believes everyone deserves the right to financial dignity. You are so much more than an account balance. 

As a divorcee, I have experienced the feeling of vulnerability from never being exposed to financial education and not understanding investing.  After making my own mistakes, I interviewed multiple advisors but remained frustrated as I still wasn’t being educated or included throughout the advising process.  So, I took it upon myself to learn investing and eventually decided to make a career out of better educating and helping others.  My mission is to be the advisor I needed when I was suddenly in charge of all my own finances. 

Over the last few years, more investors and families have begun to manage their finances and investments on their own.  While DIY investing has become easier, proper financial strategizing and retirement income planning has not. 

Today, a vast majority of investors fail to develop a strategy and establish goals, often succumbing to market psychology-investing emotionally, contributing inconsistently, and struggling to properly optimize and diversify their portfolio.  As a result, they may experience greater levels of vulnerability and stress throughout life and end up working more years than necessary before retirement.  My clients love that I’m the one worrying about their financial readiness so that they don’t have to. 

It is now my mission to help families, women and divorcees maximize their comfort level, focus on what’s important to them and eliminate unnecessary stressors by developing a tangible financial strategy that accounts for life changes and the market’s ups and downs. 

I believe that any success I enjoy is a byproduct of following my passion for helping people and my dedication to constantly improving my craft.  As your Certified Financial Planner™, my focus is to allow you to enjoy today with the confidence that you can achieve the financial future that you envision for yourself and your family.  Your prosperity is my success. 

If you would like to talk about how I can help you, email, call or book a 30 minute “get to know you” session by clicking below.  I look forward to meeting you.